About the Characters

In creating characters – even those in short stories – I imagine a picture of who they are, where they shop, how would they spend a free afternoon. Below are various descriptions of the characters that I will add to from time to time.

Clothing Makes the Woman

Angeline Wilcox This is a gorgeous, voluptuous dark haired, violet eyed, hour glass shaped woman. If there was money left over after her family’s expenses, Angeline would be a White House/Black Market shopper. The structured, tailored, classic styles with a modern edge clothing would highlight Angeline’s best features. And the limited color palette that WHBM is known for would look timeless and sexy on her. But things being what they are, the modestly priced WHBM line is out of Angeline’s reach. So first she re-purpsoses anything in her closet and mixes things together she hasn’t before to make her feel like she has a new outfit. It’s a great trick for anyone on a budget. If she can indulge in a little shopping it will be at TJ Maxx, Ross or Marshall’s where she will happily scour the racks for the perfect item that fits her figure and her budget.

Elise – the original nice girl turned naughty, Elise’s wardrobe has two sides, just like she does. Three words to describer her personality – conflicted, sweet and dark. And those same three words would apply to her wardrobe style. Her daytime school teacher wardrobe would come from Kohl’s. While her nighttime, secret sex seeker wardrobe would come from Cache.

Britney Top pharmaceutical sales person and nice girl, Britney’s wardrobe like her personality doesn’t change much from the job to her personal life. Sure she takes the formality of the clothes down a notch when she’s not calling on physicians and hospital clients, but overall Britney is even keeled, formal and polished. Her career wardrobe comes from Nordstrom’s with a preference for Antonio Melani or Tahari suits; her at home clothing also comes from Nordstrom’s with an occasional sexy dress from BCBG.

Val Wild, adventurous and fun – that’s Val in a nutshell, but she’s also very loyal to her other nice girl best friends, Elise and Britney. Her wardrobe reflects this and Val favors Bebe. Given Val’s new found fondness for cowboys, she’s beginning to add some core Western pieces from some local Western wear shops.

Which woman’s style best matches your own?


For the Love of Nail Art

As some of you know, I love nail art – at home or at the salon – I love it all. Here’s what you would find my characters wearing on their nails.

Angeline Wilcox –  Angeline’s go to color is OPI’s The Thrill of Brazil – a gorgeous red perfect for her fair skin tone when it’s slightly tanned in summer. And it’s a knockout when she pushes her fingers through her mink colored hair. As you know, she’s on a very tight budget which means she does her nails at home. www.opi.com 

The Nice Girls Series

Elise – The bride to be’s favorite color is Delicacy, a sheer pink, by Essie. If you’ve read The Nice Girls Series, you know Elise, a school teacher, may have started off delicate, but after her first menage, she is anything but. A red head, this sheer color also compliments her skin and hair. www.essie.com 

Val Wild girl needs a color that befits her lifestyle. She colors her long acrylic tips in Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure Thinking of Blue a rich dark blue that she tops off with a coat of Show Girl Chic a glittery silvery blue from Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush line. http://sallyhansen.com/

Britney – Always in control Brit, needs a power manicure for business. She uses Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure Naked Ambition for the base of a French manicure for a nude twist on an old favorite. www.sallyhansen.com

Next time, we’ll discuss the their love of shoes!

P.S. This is not a product placement page, I am simply sharing things I love that inspire me to create my character’s lives.