Nice Girls Do MénageNice Girls Volume 2Nice Girls Beg For it 133x200Ask For It Bound By The Wind FinalIn His Lap 133x200On Her Knees At His Mercy


The Angeline Wilcox Series – Tales of Erotic Blackmail  In His Lap (Vol 1.) — On Her Knees (Vol 2.) — At His Mercy (Vol. 3) In these three novelettes, beautiful and faithful housewife finds herself the subject of erotic blackmail as she innocently tries to save her family from financial and emotional ruin. How far would you go to save your family and marriage?

Nice Girls Do Menage –  Three best friends, one trip to Vegas to lose their Menage cherries. Once Pandora’s box is opened it can never be closed. Warning: contains VERY explicit sexual situations with multiple partners.

Nice Girls Pay For It – Britney’s Story  is a not so ordinary Happy Ever After as Britney begins a relationship with a male escort she met in Vegas.

Nice Girls Beg For It – Elise’s Story – is a hardcore character study of sex addiction and for experienced readers of erotica.

Nice Girls Ask  For It – Val’s Story – is the tale of Val’s personal reckoning with reality after a year of living the menage life with two cowboys.

Bound By The Wind – This story is dedicated to those who love as if there may be no tomorrow. Two strangers, one apocalyptic windstorm and the desert town of Ram’s Gulch is being buried alive. A 22,000 word novella with explicit sensual love scenes and a Happy Ever After.


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